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Private Security Incident Report Writing Academy

This course teaches the key principles of proper-narrative report writing in the private security industry.

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Your Next Security Promotion Likely Depends on the Quality of Your Reports!

Narrative report writing concepts through graded individual exercise.

The PSIR Level I Certification

After 12 assignments, you receive a custom portfolio and marksheet, a reference letter tailored to the specifics of your work product and an independently-verifiable Private Security Incident Report Level I Certification.

Work at Your Pace

Earn the certification at your pace from wherever there is an Internet connection.

Quick and Affordable

Return your assignments weekly and you will earn your PSIR Level I Certification in 12 weeks. You may then work on the PSIR Level II—without being placed back on the waiting list—or end the course and keep your PSIR Level 1 Certification.


Per Month

12 Weeks*

Level I Certification
(*If Assignments Are Completed Weekly)


Narrative Report Content


Shift Report Content

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a security officer and have already written many reports. Will this help me?

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, your advanced report-writing skills will be evident to your tutor and these skills will be documented in your reference letter.

I work the night shift, can I do this from work?

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, an Internet connection is all that is required. Assignments are self-paced and can be completed at any time of day or night.

How will my employer verify my certification?

Frequently Asked Question

You will receive a unique digital key that current and future employers will use to verify your PSIR certification.

My writing skills are not great or English is not my native language. Can I get the certification?

Frequently Asked Question

This isn't a writing course, but, your tutor will offer specific advice on minimizing the impact of your weak writing/language skills and will help you to earn the certification.

How much time does each assignment require?

Frequently Asked Question

Take as long as you need. As a rule of thumb expect to spend three hours on each assignment. After completing twelve assignments you will earn your certification. You are guaranteed to receive your graded assignment and a new assignment each week.

What do I receive upon completion of the base 12 assignments?

Frequently Asked Question

You will earn your PSIR Level I Certification; a portfolio and marksheet of your work and graded assignments; a reference letter customized to your work product and a digital key that employers may use to verify your certification.

When can I start?

Frequently Asked Question

To maintain quality of service, PSIR only accepts a set number of officers at a time. There is currently a waiting list. To participate, submit your participation request. You will receive notification by email when an opening is available for you. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis although exceptions may be granted for special circumstance. Once you receive your notification email, you will have 72 hours to sign up before the slot is made available to the next in line. Please DO NOT submit multiple requests to participate. One will do!

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